I began the first part of my photography career at about age 15 when I sold my first photograph to the Calgary Sun newspaper for $50.  They forgot to give me credit in the next day's paper in case you look into the archives, but I am telling the truth.  

I was fortunate to have a Mom who was a professional photographer, and so we had cameras around the house and even a darkroom in the basement.  As a teenager, I would take action photos of our minor league baseball team, enlarge them, and sell 8x10s to the players for $3 (that price no longer applies).  And while on spring vacation, long before tight security at sporting venues, I was able to sneak down to the floor of Phoenix Suns basketball games, and to field level at major league spring training baseball games to take any photos I could.

Thinking that photography was too much fun to actually be a job, I went away to University in Texas, where I graduated with a degree in finance, while playing collegiate volleyball for four years.  Following that, I did one year of post graduate accounting at the University of Lethbridge, and running cross country for the Pronghorns.

After many years of working in the business world, I started to rediscover photography, and decided to make a go of it, first part time and then eventually taking the full time plunge.  With a couple good breaks, I began shooting for the Calgary Cannon baseball club, which led to official photographer positions with the Calgary Stampeders, Calgary Rouchnecks, BC Lions, and Tennis Canada among others.

In my spare time, I still play like to run and play tennis competitively, and am learning to fly fish (apparently not learning very quickly).  While sports photography is still the focus of most of my work, I love to travel, both abroad, and just driving the backroads of Alberta and Montana.  It is from those trips that most of my non sports photos on the site were captured.

Thanks again for stopping by the site!

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